Billy G. Camp
Location: Boise, ID, USA
Description: Alt. Country-Folkadelica: A dose of Country and Folk injected with Rock n' Roll, tubas, and turntables. Billy G. Camp draws on influences as diverse as Tom Waites, Gram Parsons and Jimmy Buffett.
Biography: Billy G. Camp’s debut CD release, “Don’t Stop The Carnival”, is an eleven song set of Alt. Country-Folkadelica that is bound to leave you reeling from a foot-stompin’ good time. This Boise, ID-based singer-songwriter draws from influences as diverse as: Gram Parsons, John Prine, Tom Waites, and Jimmy Buffett to take on a joyride through a sonic landscape of Country and Folk music that has been injected with Rock n’ Roll, tubas, and turntables. The result is a catchy, feel-good collection of songs that grow on you like kudzu.

Billy G. Camp grew up in South Carolina back when Gram Parsons was out in L.A. mixing Country music with Rock n’ Roll. After getting hooked on Gram’s sound in the mid-80’s, Billy taught himself bass guitar and proceeded to play with several South Carolina-based rock bands during the late-80’s and 90’s; including one that received regional attention in the early-90’s.

As the years passed, Billy became more interested in songwriting. He purchased a pawn-shop guitar and began strumming old standards with friends, writing songs, and venturing out to open mic nights on occasion. All the while, he continued developing a deeper appreciation for the craft of songwriting.

In 2004, Billy relocated to Boise, ID and began polishing a collection of eleven songs to take into the studio. In the summer of 2005, he booked a series of sessions at the Audio Lab Recording Studio in Boise. With help from a handful of hotshot musicians from the Boise music scene, he created his debut CD, “Don’t Stop The Carnival”, which he has dubbed a unique Alt. Country-Folkadelic experience.

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