Marquis Melody
Location: Oakland, CA, USA
Description: Solo Reggae Recording Artist Marquis Melody
Biography: A fresh sound in Roots Rock Reggae can be found in up and coming solo recording artist Marquis Melody. Marquis Melody has recently released his debut album project titled "Straight From The Heart." 19 tracks of the finest in modern roots and culture recorded at Tuff Gong in Kingston, Jamaica. Primarily a roots style artist, Marquis Melody displays a variety of styles in this album including Lovers Rock, Ska, Dub and Dancehall. Marquis Melody chooses quality lyrics in order to use the relative influential power bestowed upon musical artists in a beneficial manner so as to have a positive affect on the mind, mood and intellect of the would be listener.

Marquis Melody, Singer-Songwriter, Publisher, Producer and Performer, lives a tale of two cities having roots in both Oakland, California and Kingston, Jamaica. A "Jamerican" as some may say, most feedback from listeners say Marquis Melody has the sound of a "Marley."

Listen for an exciting sound in reggae music as Marquis Melody displays a wide array of emotions and talents in his musical journey featuring ever so conscious lyrical tracks. "Straight From The Heart" is a must experience for listeners rooted with a lust for quality roots reggae. Get onboard, keep your senses alive and dive into the wonderful world of Marquis Melody Music!

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