Richard Thorne
Location: New York, New York, U.S.A.
Description: A blend of acoustic pop, country folk and non trdaitional bluegrass music, paired with intelligent and often narrative lyrics.
Biography: Although he was born, and spent his younger years, upstate in what is often referred to as "The Finger Lakes" area of New York, he has been a longtime resident of New York City. He has been both an actor and a dancer, but  it is  music  that has dominated his life. He played both the piano and drums at a very young age and as a teenager drummed in an orchestra, marching, jazz and many a garage rock band. After pursuing a career throughout the Seventies in theater and dance, which  included a brief scholarship at the New York School of Ballet, he  returned to  playing the drums for  several "New Wave" bands. In 1980, he  stepped out front to make his debut as a guitar strumming singer songwriter, accompanied by a saxophonist and a  bongo player,  at a folk club in Greenwich Village. He soon added an electric violin and bass to the mix,  named the group Richard Thorne and The Side Effects and preceded to write and play his quirky alternative pop/folk rock songs that crossed different genres and styles, and often confused many a listener along the way.  It was sort of Gordon Lightfoot meets Roxy Music and The Velvet Underground. His band eventually evolved into a more standard rock lineup of  guitars, bass, drums and either a sax or keyboards and in 1981, he released his debut single (45 RPM ) "Junkie For Your Love" backed with"Everybody's Looking for a Hero".  He continued to perform  throughout the 80's and early 90's, either solo or with the ever changing Side Effects, though one of his more successful, if ephemeral, projects, was his musical and somewhat theatrical revue, “Richard Thorne’s Summer Party”. In 1993, except for one impromptu performance at a hotel bar in Jalapa, Mexico, he took a very long sabbatical from both performing and writing. But as the new century approached, he once again picked up his guitar to write and record, what one critic called “an alternative folk pop” EP  entitled "Undercover Overachiever" (2000). He  later teamed up with a banjo player and edged toward a more acoustic,  roots sound with a bluegrass and old timey country edge, though not in the traditional sense of those genres. He often continued to keep the quirky pop sound as well as a nontraditional chord structure in his songs. The result of that collaboration, with the addition of an acoustic bass and fiddle,  all of whom he named The Teasels, was the CD "Freight Trains and Strange Dreams" (2002). The title track of that CD is included on a compilation CD called “Ride The Train” Volume 6 (NBT Records) With the release of his new 11 song CD, AMALGAM (2005), Richard continues with his eclectic mix of acoustic pop, roots, folk, country and nontraditional bluegrass sound. He continues to perform in NYC and to tour throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast.
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